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Traktomizer Audio Analyser 3.1.0


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– Includes lifetime support and software updates
– Traktomizer Audio Analyser version 3 is a major release.
– Immediately available to download after checkout.
– Latest Software Update: 21 April 2017

  • MAC OSX 10.10.x and later (ie: El Capitan and Sierra)
  • 1.7 Ghz Processor
  • Single or Duo Processor (dual core recommended)
  • 2MB Ram
  • 1Mbit/s Internet Connection
  • OpenGL Capable Graphics Card (i.e. Standard MAC Graphics Cards)
  • MAC Built in-Audio (i.e.Standard MAC CoreAudio)
  • 650 Mb Free Disk Space (download size approx 300MB)

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Product Description

Release 3.1.0 Date: 27 April 2017 — Traktomizer Audio Analyser software for OS X accurately measures danceability, acousticness, instrumentalness, valence, duration, energy, key, liveness, loudness, speechiness, tempo and time signature, for songs, tracks or passages of all kinds of music and speech.

Levels for anger, relaxation, happiness, sadness, masculinity and femininity, are measured and rated according Std. ground-truth SVM models. Genre and sub-genre are identified and reported together with 13 opportunistic neighbours for an ordered tally of 15 genres most likely to generate more song plays.

Traktomizer extrapolates a reliable and useful response about the commercial viability of any premaster mix during the final stages of editing and identifies your song’s greatest strengths and weaknesses for all audio features streaming music platforms are trained on for appraising, recommending and auto-play-listing. Traktomizer suggests audio tweaks requiring the least modification for maximum gains in song plays, song earnings and song discoverability, without ever compromising your artistic freedom.

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