Traktomizer Learning, Resources and Attribution

From here we can admire the work of more than 30 000 music professionals, educators, researchers and enthusiasts referred to from around the world who, since the early 1950’s, have bewildered mankind with a never ending stream of disruptive sonic genius.

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Why Songs of the Summer Sound the Same – The New York Times

Apple Music vs Spotify: What’s the difference?

How music recommendation works — and doesn’t work. by Brian Whitman

Predicting iTunes Sales Through the Anatomy of Music

Echonest Analyzer Documentation

EchoNest Acoustic Attributes Overview

Creating Music by Listening by Tristan Jehan (Creator of The EchoNest)

Labrosa Million Song Dataset

Top 7 Free Music Data APIs (Updated for 2019)


Top 40 Musical Universities in America: How Students Listen

How Students Listen

Lift Calculator put a dollar value on social media

Forecasting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Regression analysis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Pattern Matching

Automatic Music Clustering using Audio Attributes

Spectralmodeling synthesis

Visualizing a Hit – InfoVis Final Project

Musical Genre Tag Classification With Curated and Crowdsourced Datasets

The Million Song Dataset – AudioFeatures

MMTD – Million Musical Tweets Dataset

How much money DO musicians get out of Spotify?

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online?

‘Dynamic Range’ & The Loudness War

List of online music databases

Parsons code

Machine Listening and Music Information Retrieval

Implementations of automatic note segmentation algorithms

MARL: Music and Audio Research Laboratory – Gordon Database

MajorMinor Music Tags

Hyperphysics – Sound

Augmented Reality for the Totally Blind

Musical Audio Semantic Segmentation Exploiting Analysis Of Prominent
Spectral Energy Peaks And Multi-Feature Refinement

Loudness is not simply sound intensity!

7 Tips on Making Your Music Loud

Spectrogram, Cepstrum and Mel-Frequency Analysis

Digital Trends

Spotify: Introducing a better way to discover music

Mastering Media Blog

Solving Misheard Lyric Search Queries Using A Probabilistic Model Of Speech Sounds

EveryNumber at Once

Differentiability of Lipschitz functions on Banach spaces

People Liked Their Music Fastest in the 80s

Computation of spectral and root MUSIC through real polynomial rooting

The Loudness War Is Real, and We Can Prove It With Science

Sound Predictions How the audio properties of a track lead to sales

Predicting iTunes Sales Through the Anatomy of Music

As The Beat Goes On, It Gets More Accurate

Research: Music Has Grown Less Organic Over Time

The Difference Between Being 91Undiscovered=92And 91Epic=92 On Social Media

How Pop Music’s Bounciness Has Shifted Since 1950

Acoustic Instruments: A Tale of Two Millennia

Elvis to Miley, Danceability Remains Constant

Is Music Getting More Energetic Over Time?

Plotting Music’s Emotional Valence, 1950-2013

How EQ can make your music sound louder 96 using LESS compression and limiting

Graph Classification by Means of Lipschitz Embedding

Music Tagging With Regularized Logistic Regression

Automating Music Production with Music Information Retrieval Jordan V. Hawkins

A mood-based music classification and exploration system by Meyers, Owen Craigie

Real-time Twitter analysis

Spotify: The Playlist Miner

MusicBox : navigating the space of your music by Lillie, Anita Shen


Spotify Labs

Pleasurize Music Foundation

Audio system measurements

Six Basic Audio Measurements

MIREX: Audio Tag Classification

The International Society of Music Information Retreival

Music Similarity and Recommendation

Music Identification

Music Analysis

How to get a musical mood for a given artist

Improving spectrogram resolution in Python


Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval: Semantics, Context, and Adaptation

Audio Analysis Lab | Aalborg University

Data Visualization

How to Harvest Facebook updates with Python, MySQL or SQL Server

Convolution Theorem

Musical Genre Classification of Audio Signals

Social Information Filtering: Algorithms for Automating ‘Word of Mouth’

Comparison of speech synthesizers

The OpenMP=AE API specification for parallel programming

Can visualizing 50-years worth of hit U.S. pop song characteristics help us discover trends worthy of further investigation?

Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) tutorial

Resources on Music and (Science or Mathematics or Computing)

What Artists Should Know About Next Big Sound

Real Time Signal Processing in Python

Frequency Analysis of audio file with Python- Numpy/Scipy

Harvesting Tweets into Social Intelligence tables using a Python Script

How Next Big Sound Is Using Data to Help Bands and Brands



The Music APIs



Every Noise at Once

Dynamic Range Database



Social Searcher


Music Coding Libraries, Software, Frameworks & Resources for Programming Enthusiasts






GUIProgramming with Python: QT Edition

Rapid GUI Programming with Python and QT

Qt Extended Components

Qt Audio Overview

Juce C++ Toolkit

Python bindings for the JUCE library


EchoNest GitHub

EchoNest Remix

EchoNest Lab




Drims – Music and Sound Description and Information Retrieval

Linux Audio Users – Focusing on using audio and MIDI applications

The libsndfile API

Twitter sentiment analysis using Python and NLTK | Laurent Luce’s Blog

Twitter sentiment analysis using Python and NLTK

Music APIs | Music Machinery

Music APIs

Quotidian | visualizing time – Image-sound editor & synthesizer


BMAT – music innovation

TheAudioDB – Community Driven Music Metadata for the web

NodeBox for OpenGL | City in a Bottle

How to Write LADSPA Plugins Using GDAM

Visualizer Audio Analysis Suite FFT

tonfall – Tiny AS3 Audio Framework

Python Data Analysis


Praat: doing phonetics by computer

SuperPowered Mobile Audio Engine

IOS vDSP Programming Guide



CMSIS DSP Software Library


Essentia C++ library for audio analysis and audio-based music information retrieval

Gaia C++ library to apply similarity measures and classi=EF=AC=81cations on the results of audio analysis


PyWaveform: Python library to create an image of a song’s waveform

Python: Creating Oscillators In Python



png++,a C++ wrapper for libpng


OhmPie – encode an image to a sound




Musly – Audio Music Similarity

Python Multimedia Services

Python audioop


Secret Rabbit Code

Matlab: Spectrograms: Constant-Q (Log-frequency) and conventional (linear)

Matlab Audio Processing



MELODIA – Melody Extraction vamp plug-in

Pitch Class Sets for Python

LibXtract is a simple, portable, lightweight library of audio feature extraction functions

The SndObj Sound Object Library Page


Impromptu: An interactive programming environment for composition and performance

Pandas – Python Data Analysis Library

Loris Software for Sound Modeling, Morphing, and Manipulation

PyQtGraph – Plotting in pyqtgraph

Python Standard Midi File parser


Yaafe – audio features extraction

Aubio – extraction of annotations from audio signals

VertexDSP Audio Plug-Ins





Eye – Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)


Plone4Artists audio abstraction library

Soundscrape – Scrape an artist from SoundCloud

Hachoir – Program to extract metadata using Hachoir library


ffmpeg audio format conversions

Stagger – ID3v1/ID3v2 tag manipulation


BarbaBatch – professional batch sound file conversion application for Mac OS X.

Mutagen – id3 tag manager

longtang: Music library organizer and id3 tag manager

babtools – an improved “ls” which shows id3 tags for mp3 and ogg vorbis files


Python Audio Device Objects

PyMedia – Python library for accessing and manipulating media files

mp3fm – MP3 Folder Making app

Marsyas – Music Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesis for Audio Signals




H5py – HDF5 binary data persistence


Clam Project



Christian’s Python Library




Python Audio Unit Host


Telemeta – web audio archiving software


Pure Data Computer Music System


OS X System Equalizer

FF Multi Converter: An Audio, Video, Image and Document Converter

LAME Mp3 Encoder

Princeton Sound Lab Software

AudioGen – Generator based tools for working with audio clips

The Shape of Song

Software built with OpenGl

audiolab modules to generate waveform and spectrogram png images from a wav file


Spectral Analysis Plugins


Flux – Pure Analyzer System


SoundSoftware Project – Luis Figueira


Libgroove: streaming audio processing library

Low pass filter and FFT for beginners with Python

Improved audio spectrum analyzer with the soundcard

A General-Purpose UI for Csound on Android

Melody Extraction


Music Blogs & Websites

Tristan Jehan – the EchoNest

How music recommendation works =E2=80=94 and doesn=E2=80=99t work – Brian Whitman

MIREX Audio Tag Classification – MajorMiner Dataset

Music data & music search at insane scale @ The Echo Nest

Mingus – Music package for Python

Audio in Python

Audio Fingerprinting with Python and Numpy

How to Enjoy Music: Listening for Experience Advanced Robotics

John Glover

The Heretic Empowering you to make money from your creativity

Music recommendations with 300M data points and one SQL query

Back in Black: Analyzing the loudness and tempo of the Rolling Stone top 500 songs

The Beat Spectrum: a New Approach To Rhythm Analysis

How does Chromaprint work?

How Next Big Sound Tracks Over a Trillion Song Plays, Likes, and More Using a Version Control System for Hadoop Data

Who’s on top in music? It’s gotten hard to say

Get your music on Spotify

6 ways to get the most out of Spotify

How is Spotify contributing to the music business?

Unparalleled music intelligence for brands

Next Big Sound Presents The State of The Industry

Song Visualizations with Echo Nest

Amarok User-directed Navigation

Music Hack Day Boston 2014