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What SEO is to Google, Traktomizer is to Spotify!

Introducing Traktomizer
Audio Analyser 5

Requested by Music Professionals,
Recording Artists and Sound Engineers

to improve critical audio features,

to increase automatic discovery,

to maximise organic free plays,

to prepare music for streaming!

Chartability Score

Get suggestions for increasing chartability throughout production.

Spotify-bot Feedback

Gain confidence from early stages to releasing and stay on course to chart.

Song Benchmarking

Benchmark your songs’ audio features with every song ever you loved.

Audio Analysis

Properly adjust your song’s dynamic range, peak audio, RMS and LUFS.

Prepare your music for organic streaming

Because 70% of streams are passive

Traktomizer suggests crucial audio improvements for algorithmic-like-ability to automatically drive your song’s recommendations.

Understand early

Audio analytics presented in stunning dashboard visualisations with gauges to highlight crucial tweaks you can drill and customise intuitively.

Stay focused

Keep your eye on danceability, acousticness, valence, instrumentalness, energy, loudness, speechiness and more.

Make it amazing

Release your songs optimised for organic auto-playlist selection-worthiness built-in and get set for long-term growth and lifetimes of profit

Desktop Application

Increase Your Organic Free Plays

Maximise your song’s earnings and longevity without compromising your artistic freedom. Become noticeably more visible, playlist-worthy and automatically recommended on streaming music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Googleplay and Apple Music!

Organic plays

What Search Engine Optimisation is to Google, Traktomizer is to Spotify.

More recommendations

Master-in critical audio tweaks for automatic streams and music discovery

Maximise earnings

Matching music bot calibrations gets you auto-playlisting regularly, for life.

Song analysis

Identifies strengths, weaknesses and suggests improvements.

Audio benchmarking

Compare your song audio features with any song in recorded history.

Genre analysis

Get the top 15 Genres for each song to mention in promotions and social spaces.

Powerful Visualisations

Explore your audio through collections of beautiful charts you can customise, export and share.


Visual insights


Open-GL decompositions


Expected varieties

Audio Features

All Spotify vectors

Genre analysis

Best audio words

Social analysis

Media optimisation


Built for performance.

Traktomizer is packed with dozens of unique features you won’t find anywhere else.


Traktomizer analyses your song and then shows you a ranked list of audio tweaks ordered by least amount of modification for greatest gains in your song’s power to self-perpetuate via automatic play-list selection.


Gauge your song’s chartability rating in seconds. Measure increasing potential at each iteration of your W.I.P. production. Gain confidence from early stages to completion that you are on the right track.


Benchmark up to 50 songs at a time. Automatically grow your local database of meta-data about all the songs you benchmark. Define an exclusion list of songs to avoid benchmarking any wildcards.


Batch identify danceability, acousticness, instrumentalness, valence, duration, energy, liveness, loudness, speechiness, tempo, mood, instrumental/vocal ratio, genre, sub-genre.


Compute best genres, terms, keywords for your songs by comparing 50 similar songs discovered by using only your song’s audio properties.


Properly adjust dynamic range, peak audio, and A-weighted RMS using our built-in, accurate, loudness and dynamic range testing routines.


Compare all social media activity with benchmark artists for the sites and metrics that really count. Discover where, when and how much to post.


Reveal all your songs’ strong and weak audio features in elegant, animated SVG charts you can customise, embed, post and share.


Benchmark Visualise Optimise

Explore your audio with lightening-fast OpenGL and compare your songs side-by-side with your every song you benchmark during mixing and mastering.

The first record label to buy Traktomizer, we put it to use on a premaster-mix and within days of releasing, our song hit the 2016 Official European Independent Music Top 20, charting at #18.

05Susanna Lepianka
Record Label Owner, DyNaMiK Records, Ireland.

This is an awesome tool to assist you in getting your music heard by the mass public! Tired of uploading and 2 months later you’re still sitting on 80 views? Then Traktomizer is for you!

Jacques Bez
Record Label Owner, UFO Records

A one-of-a-kind, gorgeous and perfectly executed program. An essential tool for serious musicians, music producers and artists.

Andy Prinz
Owner, Andy Prinz Publishing

Premaster audio litmus test reports those audio features and deviations crucial to success on streaming media platforms.

Zaneel Taylor-James
Principal, Ethereum Streaming, Berlin

Simple pricing.

Audio Analyser Studio

Made for Artists, Record Labels and Music Studio Professionals


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Batch Audio Analyser

Made for Music Listeners and Music Library Business Owners


Lifetime Support & Updates

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Made for Artists, Record Labels and Music Studio Professionals


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Traktomizer benchmarks your songs with big-streams-meta-data for comprehending chart-worthiness and then suggests crucial audio tweaks most likely to increase playlistings, recommendations, streams, discovery, reach, longevity, and earnings, organically.