Traktomizer audio analyser software accurately measures danceability, acousticness, valence, instrumentalness, duration, energy, key, liveness, loudness, speechiness, tempo and time signature, for songs, tracks or passages of all kinds of music and speech. Levels of anger, relaxation, happiness and sadness are also calculated along with dynamic range, peak audio and A-weighted RMS Levels.

Traktomizer helps music publishers increase plays and streams, song recommendations and artist discovery on streaming music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and Google Play by alerting them to premaster audio optimisations. In short, Traktomizer identifies your songs’ greatest strengths and weaknesses and then suggests crucial tweaks you can make before publishing your music.

NEW in Version 5: Batch Audio Analyser

Now Traktomizer includes a fast Batch Audio Analyser which provides the following Audio Features for every song or a selection of songs on your computer: danceability, acousticness, instrumentalness, valence, duration, energy, key, liveness, loudness, mode, speechiness, tempo, time_signature, mood, instrumental vs. vocal ratio, genre, sub-genre.

Increases Artist Discovery. Maximises Organic Song Plays.

Maximise your song’s earnings and longevity without compromising your artistic freedom. The right tweaks can significantly affect the audio vectors to which the song-suggestion-algorithms are calibrated. Every improvement in algorithmic-like-ability will have a positive knock-on effect on your song’s recommendations. Traktomizer provides the opportunity to gain assurances of being noticeably more visible, playlist-worthy and recommendable by subscription music platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, Pandora and more.

Features & Benefits

Premaster Optimisations

Traktomizer analyses your song and then shows you a ranked list of audio tweaks ordered by least amount of modification for greatest gains in your song’s power to self-perpetuate via automatic play-list selection.

Production Benchmarking

Compare your song’s audio properties with every song you love. Benchmark up to 50 songs at a time. Automatically grow your local database of meta-data about all the songs you benchmark. Define an exclusion list of songs to avoid benchmarking any wildcards.

NEW:Batch Audio Analysis

Choose songs to batch identify danceability, acousticness, instrumentalness, valence, duration, energy, key, liveness, loudness, mode, speechiness, tempo, time_signature, mood, instrumental/vocal ratio, genre, sub-genre.

Dynamic Range Tests

Properly adjust your song’s dynamic range, peak audio and A-weighted RMS levels using Traktomizer’s built-in, accurate loudness and dynamic range testing suite.

OpenGL Waveform Navigation

Explore your music and sounds with lighting-fast openGL graphics in immersive and meaningful ways. For example, see whether your song tends to increase in volume and speed throughout, which is proven to be a noticeable trait of modern pop charting songs.

Decompose PNG/Byte-Array

Automated transformation of song audio-data into PNG images and persistent byte-array for remixing, beat-matching and using and visualising in other programs.

Dashboards & Gauges

Audio analytics presented in stunning views and dashboards with PDF export. Visualisations and gauges highlight crucial tweaks you can drill and view. Customise every summary chart intuitively just with a few clicks.

Chartability Ratings

Gauge your song’s chartability rating. Measure increasing potential at each iteration of your W.I.P. production. Gain confidence from early stages to completion that you are on the right track.

Iterations Analysis

Focuses your creativity throughout production on critical aspects that can make or break your hard work. Traktomizer offers comparative audio analysis for all audio vectors at every iteration of your production. See side by side to instantly notice where your music requires more attention.

Top Genre Insights

Traktomizer computes the best genres, terms and keywords for your songs by comparing 50 similar songs which are discovered by using only your song’s audio properties. The result is totally objective, truth-model based analysis.

Social Activity Tracking

Compare your social media activity with any benchmark artist of interest for the sites and metrics that really count. Discover where, when and how much to post.

Animated Audio Charts

Instantly compare your prerelease song with any number of already published songs. Powerful, unique, audio analysis visualisations reveal your songs’ strong and weak audio features in elegant, animated SVG charts you can customise, embed, post or share.

Playlist Generation

When Traktomizer analyses chartability it creates a playlist of benchmark songs. Our purpose-built, integrated MP3 player can play them in a continuous stream.

Artists & Songs Management

Your benchmark artists meta-data and song analysis meta-data is stored locally for instant comparison. Navigate thousands of artists and songs, apply custom filters, sort by audio feature, search, export, share any audio meta-data.


The first record label to buy Traktomizer, we put it to use on a premaster-mix and within days of releasing, our song hit the 2016 Official European Independent Music Top 20, charting at #18. Susanna Lepianka

Record Label Owner, DyNaMiK Records, Ireland

A one-of-a-kind, gorgeous and perfectly executed program. An essential tool for serious musicians, music producers and artists. Andy Prinz

Owner, Andy Prinz Publishing, Switzerland

This is an awesome tool to assist you in getting your music heard by the mass public! Tired of uploading and 2 months later you’re still sitting on 80 views? Then Traktomizer is for you! Jacques Bez

Record Label Owner, UFO Records, KwaZulu-Natal

Premaster audio litmus test reports those audio features and deviations crucial to success on streaming media platforms. Zaneel Taylor-James

Principal, Ethereum Streaming, Berlin

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