Traktomizer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Traktomizer for?


Traktomizer Audio Analyser software for OS X accurately measures danceability, acousticness, instrumentalness, valence, duration, energy, key, liveness, loudness, speechiness, tempo and time signature, for songs, tracks or passages of all kinds of music and speech.

Levels for anger, relaxation, happiness, sadness, masculinity and femininity, are measured and rated according Std. ground-truth SVM models.

Genre and sub-genre are also identified and reported together with 13 opportunistic neighbours for an ordered tally of 15 genres most likely to generate more song plays.

The main goal for Traktomizer is to extrapolate a reliable and useful response about the commercial viability of a premaster mix, usually during the final stages of production editing, so that the Producer(s) may be alerted to crucial audio optimization opportunities, the adjustments of which are expected to significantly-positively affect play-list inclusions and discoverability on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Pandora and hundreds of others.

In the fullness of time Traktomizer (Music Producer) Users may expect greater profits and better returns on the investments they make in publishing music.

Which platform is Traktomizer made for?


Traktomizer is made for MacOS 10.13.x and later (ie: High Sierra, Mojave)


What are the minimum requirements to run Traktomizer


– MAC OSX 10.13.x and later (ie: High Sierra, Mojave)

– 1.7 Ghz Processor

– Single or Duo Processor (dual core recommended)

– 2MB Ram

– 1Mbit/s Internet Connection

– OpenGL Capable Graphics Card (i.e. Standard MAC Desktop/Laptop Graphics Cards)

– MAC Built in-Audio (CoreAudio)

– 650 Mb Free Disk Space

Recommended: a Spotify Artist Account [link] and a Next Big Sound Account [link]. Both are freely available and if you ever published a single or an album you would probably already have both.

Note: After you install Traktomizer and enter your Spotify-Artist-Name, the software will automatically discover your Next Big Sound ID.


What Kinds of Audio Features does Traktomizer measure?


float: confidence the track is “acoustic” (0.0 to 1.0)

float: relative danceability (0.0 to 1.0)

float: length of track in seconds

float: relative energy (0.0 to 1.0)

int: between 0 (key of C) and 11 (key of B flat) inclusive

float: confidence the track is “live” (0.0 to 1.0)

float: overall loudness in decibels (dB)

int: 0 (major) or 1 (minor)

float: likelihood the track contains speech (0.0 to 1.0)

float: overall BPM (beats per minute)

beats per measure (e.g. 3, 4, 5, 7)

float: a range from negative to positive emotional content (0.0 to 1.0)

Root mean square of all the elements, flattened out

Return a level in decibels

Spectral Flatness (spectrum)
The spectral flatness is calculated by dividing the geometric mean of the power spectrum by the arithmetic mean of the power spectrum

Measurements that include DC component:
DC_offset = mean(signal)
bitrate = DC_offset = mean(signal)
Maximum/minimum sample value
Estimate of true bit rate

Measurements that don’t include DC

A-weighting filter to the signal
weighted = A_weight(signal, sample_rate)
weighted_level = rms_flat(weighted)

Loudness Comparisons
Chart overlay of dB Values for two songs at a time. (not functional since 07 Jan 2017 as is being upgraded)

int: the number of audio channels used during analysis

int: the sample rate used during analysis

audio decoder used by the analysis (e.g. ffmpeg)

float: confidence that key detection was accurate

dict: other track metainfo (bitrate, album, genre, etc.)

float: confidence that mode detection was accurate

the audio sample rate detected in the file

float: confidence that tempo detection was accurate

float: confidence that time_signature detection was accurate

Which Social Media Metrics does Traktomizer Measure?

lastfm plays
lastfm fans
lastfm comments
lastfm plays list
lastfm fans list
lastfm comments list

facebook fans
facebook stories
facebook fans list
facebook stories list

twitter mentions
twitter retweets
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twitter statuses
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twitter statuses list

youtube fans
youtube likes
youtube plays
youtube favorites
youtube raters
youtube fans list
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wikipedia views
wikipedia views list

vevo plays
vevo plays list

vimeo plays
vimeo comments
vimeo likes
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purevolume plays
purevolume fans
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rdio plays
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pandora fans
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soundcloud plays
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instagram comments
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reverbnation views
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tumblr original posts
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Is Traktomizer a VST or Audio Unit Plugin?
No. Traktomizer is a stand-alone Apple-OSX application only. Works to make a plugin version available are underway. In the meantime, you are welcome to register your interest for the plugin version by submitting a support ticket.
Do I need to pay for accessing API data?
No, your purchase of Traktomizer includes access to all API data used by the application.
Do I need a Spotify Artist and or Next Big Sound account?

A Spotify Artist Account is recommended but Traktomizer will analyze audio with or without one. 

Also, Spotify does not need to be available in your country for Traktomizer to work properly, except that we may not be able to produce benchmark playlists for you.

If you do not have a Spotify Artists and or Next Big Sound Account (which are both free), Traktomizer will eliminate some dependant calculations such as your Artist Hottness Rating compared to Benchmark Artists.

Is there a trial version of Traktomizer
We used to provide trial software but that was having an impact on our paid users API data access speeds – because Traktomizer utilizes API data which is limited to a number of queries per second. API quantities are sufficient for our paid users.
What updates will I receive?

Users receive lifetime free updates with their purchase of Traktomizer which includes all minor and major versions.

This is to ensure our users are kept abreast of a very fast-changing music industry and the various data that may become available from the APIs with which Traktomizer integrates.

What type of support do I get?

We support our users with direct email and a Support Ticket System for questions, problems, suggestions, comments etc.

We usually reply to support tickets in less than 12 hours and no more than 24 hours, depending on current ticket volumes.

Support tickets are available at

We also update our website with supportive information, key issues, advice and learning as and when such information becomes available.

You can also opt-in to our free email newsletters which provide supportive information, ideas, advice and suggestions.

Why is my sofware download link time-limited?

To protect your investment and ours we time-bomb download links.

If you are unable to download your software package within the time frame, simply contact support and we will immediately provide a new link for you.

We securely provide Traktomizer download links (i.e. https)

How do I fix "App is damaged and can't be opened" warning?

Does the following error pop up: App is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.”.

In Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave this is a common error when you try to install a non-App Store application. To fix the problem simply:

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/
2. Enter the following:
sudo xattr -cr /Applications/
3. Press Enter to run the command. Your admin password may be requested.

This should fix the problem! 

Do I have to pay for Traktomizer?

Yes, the core Traktomizer code and application is proprietary and copyright is owned by Future Entertainment SP.

The program took nearly two years to create and contains several hundred thousand lines of proprietary code

Some Traktomizer modules are shared under the GNU Public License (GPLv2, v3, and the AGPLv3). This means that certain code can be freely copied and distributed and costs nothing to use in other GPL applications. A list of GNU modules is included with your download package.

Copyrights of contributing works are properly documented and honored in the code and remain the copyright of their respectful owners.

The Traktomizer EULA is included with your Software Download Package.

Can I resell or transfer my licence to a third party?

Yes, but you must contact us with the contact details of the new software owner so that we can provide them with a new Activation Code.

By selling or transferring your Traktomizer software, you understand your rights and license to use Traktomizer will be revoked.

Can I give a copy to my Band Members or Mastering Engineer?

Yes, we want your band to benefit from Traktomizer.

You can issue copies to band members and production engineers but each installation requires Activation. Thirty (30) Activations are included by default with every purchase. Should you require more Activations please contact us with your purchase receipt.

If you’re genuinely making copies for the people directly involved with your career we won’t hold back, even if you’re with an 88 piece orchestra!