Gratitude and thanks

A deluge of streaming and mobile technologies are being invented to benefit the listener - this one is for artists.

While creating Traktomizer I discovered thousands of researchers and enthusiasts doing unbelievably amazing work. I am grateful to Spotify for what they are trying to achieve and the genial work of Trisdan Jehan, Brian Whitman, Paul Lamere and their brilliant team; together they characterise the current moment and their approach to sharing knowledge and technology is what made Traktomizer possible.

Spotify, Pandora, Google, Apple, Rdio and many more services seek to satisfy an audience of unlimited craving of good music. Artists are being exposed to more and more opportunities as the new music economy takes subscription streaming shape and grows universally in tandem with the proliferation of mobile. I feel grateful just to be a part of it.

I posted a fairly good list of the resources I discovered and the learning I undertook during the creation of Traktomizer which you can find here.