About Artist Names

Spotify or Next Big Sound Artist Name

Traktomizer makes use of social metrics for calculating a variety of influential KPIs, for example, your Spotify Artist Hotness rating is scrutinised and included in your song’s Chartability Rating.

Traktomizer requires your Official Spotify Artist-Name or a Next Big Sound (NBS) Artist Name in order to retrieve Social Analytics about you. If you are serious about releasing music then you will inevitably have one. In any case after your first release is published via any one of the following distributors your artist name will have come into existence:

Note: You can get a free API key to any of these platforms but that’s not the same as an Artist-ID.

You may use the Audio Analyser even if you do not have an Artist ID. You do so by entering some real Artist-Name in the My Profile/Edit Profile screen. This is a temporary workaround allowing Traktomizer to report Audio Features and you may disregard the irrelevant social activity. If you do NOT enter your artist name Traktomizer will not be able to gather Spotify Artist data or any of the following artist meta-data: artist’s genres, familiarity, biographies, blogs, reviews, video, images, news, audio, total songs, reviews, terms, location and longevity.

Unless you enter your Official Artist Name Traktomizer will not be able to compare your social activity with other artists but it can still calculate all audio features.

Artist Activity Impact

From The EchoNest Documentation - Quote - ”Fundamentally, every piece of data in the Echo Nest API can be tied back to an Artist. Artists can be identified both by Name, or by an internal identifier, the Echo Nest ID. The Echo Nest knows about over 1.5 million artists….. API calls used to Search for artists, find Similar artists, restrict your activity to a subset of artists within a partner catalog, and usage of attributes like Hotttnesss and Familiarity to govern your searches.”

Using the NextBigSound API, Traktomizer aggregates a wide range of Social Media Activity Statistics and compares them with your Benchmark Analysis Pool. Without an NBS-ID Traktomizer cannot request any of your data (even though it may be available).

If you do have an NBS-ID Traktomizer will be able to gather data about you and make comparisons with every Analysis Pool Artist also having an ID and a presence on the same social media web site as you. See the next page for a list of social metrics used by Traktomizer.

NOTE: Although Artist-IDs are not required by Traktomizer for audio-only analysis tasks, you won’t be able to achieve the maximum possible chartability rating without one i.e. the maximum chartability rating you could achieve is going to be lower than 92%.