About Traktomizer Online Audio Analyser 5.0


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Special Thanks & Gratitude

Special thanks to Karin Kelly Lawrenz for her insights, business development coaching and her tireless support.

Special thanks to Sibylle Stehli for contributing to this project from the beginning, for proofreading and for correcting this document and the Traktomizer Website.

Special thanks to our Beta testers who are invaluable, not just in tracking down bugs, but in making this a better product.

Audio Uploads: File Requirements

Traktomizer requires a .mp3 file as input to its built-in Audio Analyser Engine. However .mp3 files which have been created by exporting from newer versions of iTunes may not work with Traktomizer. If you feed Traktomizer a iTunes .mp3 file, the analyser may get stuck. In such case (usually discovered by you due to a never-ending analysis task) simply reload the web page and then provision an alternative .mp3 file, for example, by encoding your original song using Audacity.

Limited Service

Users of this Service, known as Traktomizer Online Audio Analyser, may only upload songs or audio files which they legally own. Users are therefore kindly requested never to upload any song or audio file for which they do not own the Master Copyrights and or for which they have not obtained the legal rights to do so.