Genrefy Telegram Bot

This is a help page about Traktomizer Genrefy Telegram Bot


Spotify Artist? Want to know the Top 15 Spotify Genres worth mentioning in your promotions for any track you released on Spotify?

1. visit (you’ll need the Telegram app)
2. type /genrefy
3. Enter the benchmark Artist Name (hopefully that’s you)
4. Enter the benchmark Song Title

…now wait a few moments to see the results!!!

Why Top Genre Insights?

Traktomizer computes the best genres, terms and keywords for your songs by comparing 50 similar songs which are discovered by using only the benchmark song’s audio properties. The result is objective, truth-model based analysis.

Why Does it Matter?

If you use Traktomizer’s genre suggestions in your promotions, instead of guessing, you will reach a wider, more targeted audience, who are more likely to want to listen to your songs.